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Looks great in any environment


The BlueBroadcaster iBeacon 001 is a beautiful iBeacon that comes in two beautiful colours, black or white. Below you will find information relating to both how to use them and what features they have.

Firmware Features V3.3


1. iB001 is based on mini BLE 4.0 module Nordic NRF51822.

2. The iBeacon module Betag is built-in a battery holder with a coin battery and housing, it can work as a lone system.

3. It has 3 different working modes, sleep mode, connectable mode and non-connectable mode. It makes the best use of the battery power. For example, it can standby over 5 years when work in sleeping mode, much longer than the life of the battery.

4. SDK is available to help customers’ build their own APP or use our APP. Our App available via Apple iStore – (eBeacon)

5. All the interface developed completely by us, all of the parameters can be reconfigured, including Proximity UUID, Major, Minor and Power.

6. Support both IOS 7 or above and Android 4.3 or above, and provide IOS SDK, Android SDK and Android Source Code.
Available on request.

7. The housing development service at low cost will be provided to potential customers.

  1. 3 working modes: Sleeping, Connectable, and Non-connectable. The modes can be switched freely.
  2. Built-in Beacon firmware. Compatible with BLE.
  3. Built-in a coin battery (model:CR2032).
  4. Accurate digital RSSI. Excellent link budget (up to 97 dB).
  5. High performance and low power, an available time for 2 years or more.
  6. Enable remote application, AES security coprocessor.
  7. Unique power management pattern, 5 years long standby time.
  8. Ultra wide range transmission power: 4Db to -40Db.
  9. Stable performance and controllable state.
  10. All the interface completely can be communicated and programmed. Developers do not need to rely on the SDK for development. The requirement of hardware interface can be customized (achieved a certain number).
  11. All the parameters can be configured (UUID, Major, Minor, Measured Power, TX Power, etc.).
  12. Encrypted Parameter: A password is needed when access to configure.
  13. Provide IOS and Android SDK.
  14. Support ‘Sleep’ and ‘Wake-up’.
  • UUID: EBEFD08370A247C89837E7B5634DF524
  • Major and minor identifier: 0x0001, 0x0001
  • Default pairing password: 0x666666
  • Power Value: 0xCB
  • Broadcast Interval: 0x0A
  • It can be rang when starting or wake-up
  • The default mode is sleep